Bhoomi Poojan

Bhoomi Poojan

Like the Puja we do when we buy a house in the same way we need to thank the god when we buy anything for which we have worked very hard for. Land is obviously considered to be one of the most important amenities too and we need to do a Bhoomi Puja for that.

It is trusted that the development work is done easily by getting land authorized. There is no loss of business amid or after creation, just as discharge from different issues. The strategy for love of the house was first performed upon the arrival of love. At the point when the time is up, tidiness ought to be finished by cleaning the land which is to be venerated. For love, the assistance of a certified researcher Brahmin ought to be taken. At the season of love, the Brahmin ought to sit in the mouth with the assistance of a north face.

From that point, Lord Ganesh should adore Lord Shiva. Silver snake and kalash are adored in land love. As indicated by Vaastu Science and Shastras, there are big-hearted individuals under the land, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu's worker, is Lord Shiva.

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