Vivah Sanskar

Vivah Sanskar

Wedding is considered as Vivah Sanskar in Hindu in India. It means when a women is grown up she can marry a guy which she wants or her family wants and take the responsibility of that family. As indicated by Indian culture, relational unions are not negligible physical or social understandings, here the couple has been given the type of an unrivaled profound otherworldly practice.

That is the reason it is said honored house-house Even the men of their word work in making the best new age with the assistance of well-disposed plans and improvement in the general public. In the meantime, the assets of Brahmacharya, Vanaprastha and Sanasi Ashrams are given to the searchers with the ideal help from their assets.

Marriage Sanskar is a very sacred bond and it is untitled to never be broken. So all the sanskar that are used in a marriage depicts that. So all the sanskar that are used in a marriage all symbolizes out tradition and culture.

Marriage closes with the inadequacy of one another with its own attributes, it makes by and large identity. Hence marriage is commonly viewed as a need of human life.

We provide the Pandit ji which tells you about all the rituals and make you vivah a fruitful one. Our team strives to make all these occasions special for you by doing our best. So if you need any of our help regarding this we are here for you. Our team provides with the best and trustable people who can do this for you.

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