Mool Shanti Yagya

Mool Shanti Yagya

Mool Shanti yagya is performed for the newly born baby in the house. It is done for the babies who are born at the joints of zodiac signs. It is considered very ominous as per the traditional vedic Astrology. The yagya is being performed based on the position of the moon at the time of birth. It checks whether the moon is in the right place or not and whether it is causing any harm to the child or the relatives related to the baby.

This Pooja is performed to ensure that everything is right with the baby. It makes sure that the horoscope of the baby is alright and the "Mool Shanti Yagya" is performed on the 27th day after the baby is born.

The Mool Shanti Yagya is performed to make sure that the position of the person's moon is not effecting the baby in any way. It removes all the evil eye and negative effects. The yagya is done to keep up the health of the person.

The Mool Shanti Vidhi is being finished with full dedication and with fitting customs. The Mool Shanti mantra should be recited effectively with brimming with conviction. The quick should be seen by the relatives to get the detectable beneficial outcomes. So if you want this then you can contact us and we will do the best we can do. You can certainly rely on us and we promise that everything will be done under expert supervision.

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